A Lift Facial



A-Lift is a deluxe anti ageing facial that uses the latest technology to reenergise cells in the face and neck. With immediate results and long-lasting effects, it’s like airbrushing the signs of ageing away. Non invasive and pain free, A-Lift is revolutionising the way we think of beauty.



This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a regular A-Lift facial, without having to invest too much time. This is the perfect ‘lunchtime’ treatment and can be targeted specifically to your needs. This treatment will give you facial toning, skin hydration, smoother and more radiant skin. This famous A-Lift glow also aids with the application of makeup. 



This treatment is the signature A-Lift facial giving you A-mazing results. This treatment is recommended as part of a course but you can also have this as an individual treatment too.The more treatments you have and the more frequent you have them determines the end results, but you won’t be disappointed. This treatment will give you intensive lifting and firming, reducing the appearance of eye bags, lines and wrinkles and delaying the signs of ageing. 


Mary - A-Lift Facial Specialist 

Mary is a fully qualified A-Lift Facial specialist with over 2 years experience working in the field.